Four of us have been involved in the printing and production of promotional materials industry for almost 50 years.  We are familiar with all the printing technologies and materials to keep up with developments.

Regardless of your printing and promotional needs, we have the expertise to provide you with the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions designed to fit your project’s timetable and budget. Our attention to quality, detail and excellent customer service combine to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

We are able to arrange products to be sent out to destinations at home and abroad. We can also arrange products to be installed indoors and outdoors.


Kalle Pank +372 52 01 009

Maris Meister +372 51 60 006

Helen Evart +372 51 89 755

Andres Ojasu +372 50 55 237


Grupp Trükiagentuur OÜ

Pärnu mnt 27 - 6, Tallinn 10141 Estonia
Registry No 12205925
VAT No EE101506649
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